Kinematicheskiĭ analiz formirovaniia tochnostnykh instrumental'nykh dvizheniĭ u koshek

Zhurnal vyssheĭ nervnoĭ deiatelnosti imeni I P Pavlova, 40(2), 283–90 (1990) .


Kinematic parameters of cats local manipulating movements have been studied in the process of formation and stabilization of precise habit of moving and holding the lever in the zone of "working" space signalled by sound. It is shown that change of activity of the motor control system in the course of training is connected with the transfer from current correction of performed reaction to optimization of controlled parameters of pre-paired movements. It has been established that the formed precise coordination is realized owing to rapid movements with monomodal asymmetric profile of speed. During habit stabilization time to peak velocity significantly dropped from 274.6 +/- 84.7 to 211.0 +/- 22.9 ms and its value increased from 119.5 +/- 27.8 to 182.2 +/- 44.4 degrees/s. The stabilized habit is provided by uniform movements of ballistic type and characterized by independence from sound indication of final position, its reaching time becoming a function of amplitude-temporal values of speed maximum. It has been found that in the process of motor learning the relation of the duration of acceleration growth to the beginning of movement inhibition becomes an invariant parameter of the central program of precise reactions.

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