Determination of Fluoride in Different Samples with Potentiometric Methods

(L. B. , U. P. H. , S. , R., Eds.) Acta Universitatis Cibiniensis, “Lucian Blaga“ University of Sibiu, Series E: Food Technology, XI(2), 19-25 (2007) .

Lucian Blaga, University Publishing House, Sibiu, Romania


This paper reports the results obtained in the potentiometric determination of
fluoride by means of the fluoride-selective electrode in samples of water, urine and dental
composite. The working procedure is described. We use a simple potentiometric method for
measuring fluoride concentration in various samples by means on the principle known
addition. Difficulties associated with variations in pH, temperature, ionic strength,
complexation, and nonideal electrode response are thus minimized, and accuracy and
precision are maximized. The mean recovery of fluoride is 101 or 105% respectively. The
method was applied and gave a mean ionic fluoride concentration, in reasonable agreement
with values reported for other procedures that are based on totally different principles. The
potentiometric method of determining fluoride is simple, precise and rapid.

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