New types of glass as potential sensors to determine the nitrates anions from water

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Ştiinţă şi Inginerie, XIV. Editura AGIR, Bucureşti (2014, June 6) .

Editura AGIR, Bucureşti


In this paper is presented a new type of glass that can be used as potential electrochemical sensor for nitrate anions from aqueous solutions. The glass sample obtained was analyzed by FT-IR and UV-VIS spectroscopy and cyclic voltammetry (VC). The cyclic voltammetry shows that the current increase with the increasing of concentration of sodium nitrate from aqueous solutions. The FT-IR spectrum after VC shows a decreasing of [PbO6] structural units from the glass, probably increasing in this way the number of free lead ions (Pb+2) and improving the electrochemical properties of the glass sample. The decrease in the intensity of the UV-VIS absorption bands after VC shows that a part of Fe+3 ions convert to Fe+2 ions and pass into solution

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