Formar la disponibilidad de ingenieros-gerentes para una actividad innovadora para la industria de alta tecnología (Forming the availability of engineers-managers to innovative activity for high-tech industry)

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Revista Dilemas Contemporáneos: Educación, Política y Valores, 6(89), 1-11 (2018) .


The article shows several approaches to the definition of innovative activity. According to different authors, the term "innovative activity" is considered as a type of activity, a process, a system of activities. The article presents the structure of components of a model of a specialist available for the innovative activity. The interpretation of the author of the structural components of the availability of engineers-managers to the innovative activity for the high-tech industry is presented. The relationship between all the components is defined. The result of the developed model of an engineer-manager for the high-tech industry provides a specialist that combines engineering training with knowledge in the field of management.

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