High Linearity Analog Optocouplers – Applications Inside the RF Shielded Enclosures

Acta Technica Napocensis Electronics & Telecommunications, 55(1), 10-14 (2014) .


The paper presents several technical issues and hardware implementations to analyze from the perspective of the galvanic isolation the problematic concern of separation between the transceiver currents flow and the PC common ground. Only the information exchange is allowed through two different types of optocouplers: the first allows transceiver control and monitoring and the second, only analog information exchange. In this paper, the effect of the strong RF field over the PC ground, especially under the reactive behavior of the load (impedance mismatching), has been analyzed. The results tends in favor of the new integrated linear optocouplers. These integrated circuits designed for analog signals are using linearization to increase bandwidth. An optocoupler for audio-interface, designed and tested by the author, experiences the best performance in the proximity of the RF field, enclosed in a metallic box together with the RF power amplifier.

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