Comparative Study on Environmental Metal Contamination Regulations and International Quality Guidelines with a Particular Focus on Urban Soil

(U. D. N. D. B. M., Eds.) Scientific Bulletin, Series D, Mining Mineral Processing Non-ferrous Metallurgy Geology and Environmental Engineering North University of Baia Mare, XXVI(2), 209-216 (2012) .

Universitatea de Nord din Baia Mare


When it comes to assessing soil quality, in terms of metal contamination, it is a common practice to compare the identified metal content in soil with reference values established by national guidelines and environmental regulations. These reference values may vary significantly from one country to another, due to authority subjectivity and specific legislations.
This study represents a comprehensive evaluation of 10 different international approaches on reference values, used in soil quality assessments. The particular case of Romania is also included, in order to specifically discus the country’s present situation.
The aim of the current research is to obtain an objective comparison between reference values that are currently in use and to properly identify differences in perception when it comes to soil quality. Urban soil contamination is also discussed, focusing on quality guidelines imposed for public playgrounds, parks and recreational areas, in order to highlight the importance of applying objective regulations when it comes to protecting human health.

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