Hidden Strange Nonchaotic Attractors


Mathematics, 9(6), 652 (2021) .


In this paper, it is found numerically that the previously found hidden chaotic attractors of the Rabinovich–Fabrikant system actually present the characteristics of strange nonchaotic attractors. For a range of the bifurcation parameter, the hidden attractor is manifestly fractal with aperiodic dynamics, and even the finite-time largest Lyapunov exponent, a measure of trajectory separation with nearby initial conditions, is negative. To verify these characteristics numerically, the finite-time Lyapunov exponents, ’0-1’ test, power spectra density, and recurrence plot are used. Beside the considered hidden strange nonchaotic attractor, a self-excited chaotic attractor and a quasiperiodic attractor of the Rabinovich–Fabrikant system are comparatively analyzed.

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