Impact of agriculture on protected areas

("tibiscus" U. O. T. , F. O. E. , R., Eds.) Annals. Economics Science Series. Timişoara , XIX, 276-281 (2013) .

"TIBISCUS" University of Timişoara, Faculty of Economics, Romania.


This paper proposes an analysis of the impact that the agriculture has on the
protected areas, affecting upon all the environmental resources: water, air, soil,
flora and fauna, the most intense and rapid changes being recorded upon the
ground. By analyzing and interpreting the data provided by the County Agencies for
Environment Protection from the Northern part of Romania - Cluj and Bistrita-
Nasaud, there were revealed important quantities of pollutant chemical substances
used in agriculture. It can be said that this sector contributes significantly to the
environment degradation and pollution.
The negative effects these substances have on the environment appear both
inside and outside the agricultural area, as the soil, surface and underground
waters quality modifies.

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