Case Study of Coals Fărcăşeşti Area 2. Dependences including fixed Carbon Determinations

(W. U. O. T. , R., Eds.) Annals of West University of Timisoara, Romania, Series of Chemistry, 12(3), 1137-1144 (2003) .

West University of Timisoara, Romania


A statistical study of analysis results was made for lignite from the Farcasesti area (Gorj County, Romania), exemplified for the nine characteristic properties, as moisture content (imbibitions and hygroscopic), volatile, density, fixed carbon, sulfur, ash softening content, higher heating value and seam. Previously, the properties dependencies were investigate in pairs of two. In present study the properties was investigated using an automat processing routine for multivariate regression, available at address: linear_regression/multiple/v1.5/ The program is capable to identify multiple dependencies between given properties. Few significant results were obtained, that make possible to predict higher heating value Qsi from fixed carbon content Cfi and other measured properties and make possible reducing number of determinations. Present article is focused on identifying dependencies between Wii, Whi, Vi, Cfi, Sti, Qsi, ti, ro and seam (see text). Application of the model among others at prospecting new coalfields and coal conversion, can contribute to the reduction of drilling and analysis costs.

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