Introducing a method of risk evaluation for urban soil contamination – a case study on urban recreational areas in Cluj Napoca (Romania)

Journal of Ecological Science Research , 20(4), 32-40 (2014) .


Assessing risks related to urban soil contamination represents a key part of
pollution management. The current research proposes a quantitative method that
defines and highlights unacceptable risks. The applicability of the method is presented
in a case study on several urban recreational areas from the city of Cluj-Napoca,
Romania. Concentrations of As, Cu, Cd, Zn, Pb, Hg, Co, Ni and Mg were identified in
a number of 48 soil samples from 12 intensively used recreational areas in Cluj-
Napoca. The proposed risk assessment method is applied, and potential risks are
calculated for all locations.

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