Researches Regarding the Air Pollution with Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) to the Steelmaking

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Advanced Engineering Forum , 8-9 , 115-126 (2013) .


The paper presents the experimental researches regarding the air pollution with sulfur dioxide (SO2) to the steelmaking in the electric arc furnace. It presents a method for determining the sulfur dioxide (SO2) concentrations from the steelmaking, the diagram variation of the sulfur dioxide (SO2) concentrations over time during specific technological stages of the steelmaking process and the potential sources that generate the sulfur dioxide (SO2) to steelmaking process in the electric arc furnaces. The air pollution during steelmaking in electric arc furnaces is manifested throughout this process, which includes the following technological stages: furnace charging, charge melting, refining, dephosphorization, desulphurization, deoxidizing, alloying and evacuation. Considering the stages of steelmaking in the electric arc furnace that have the potential to generate sulfur dioxide (SO2), it was assessed its generation evolution for the following technological stages: melting, refining, desulphurization and deoxidizing. The experimental researches were performed on two electric arc furnaces with a capacity of 10 and 30 tons. The highest concentrations of sulfur dioxide (SO2) were recorded during the desulfurization technological stage. After this stage, it has been recorded a significant reduction in sulfur dioxide (SO2) concentrations. The sulfur dioxide (SO2) concentrations from the electric arc furnace with the capacity of 30 tons are higher than those recorded in the furnace of 10 tons with 30-40%.

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