Faculty of Mining, Geology and Civil Engineering and In scan d.o.o. Tuzla (2012, June 7) .

Faculty of Mining, Geology and Civil Engineering and In scan d.o.o. Tuzla


During the last years, the theories of plasticity, stability and computing technology made great achievements. The plastic analysis and design of structures composed of elastoplastic material have assumed an important position in the theory of structures and their solution methods and results have been applied in professional practice. In this paper, the theory of plasticity is discussed, as well as the methods that are used for the solution of this problem, grouping these methods on various categories, depending on the state in the calculation is made (rigid-plastic, elasto-plastic) and on the type of calculation. Optimization problems can be classified according to the nature of expressions, respectively optimization function and constraints. Expressions are linear functions, geometric or quadratic programming problems, which will be presented in the paper.

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