Increasing the robustness of the sheet metal forming simulation by the prediction of the forming limit band

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(J. M. A. CeasarDeSa & A. D. Santos, Eds.) NUMIFORM ‘07. 2 HUNTINGTON QUADRANGLE, STE 1NO1, MELVILLE, NY 11747-4501 USA: AMER INST PHYSICS (2007) .



The experimental research on the formability of metal sheets has shown that there is a significant dispersion of the limit strains in an area delimited by two curves: a lower curve (LFLC) and an upper one (UFLC). The region between the two curves defines the so-called Forming Limit Band (FLB). So far, this forming band has only been determined experimentally. In this paper the authors suggested a method to predict the Forming Limit Band. The proposed method is illustrated on the AA6111-T43 aluminium alloy.

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