Российский университет дружбы народов (РУДН) (Москва) (2019) .

Российский университет дружбы народов (РУДН) (Москва)


The article examines the main concepts of microlearning, as one of the methods to improve the student's involvement in learning, its advantages and disadvantages. The aim of foreign languages teaching should be developing communication skills. The introduction of new information and communication tools are currently undergoing change. This study analyses the development potential of the learner via microlearning. The learner's development allows him to develop as a student. The aim of this research is to analyse eLearning teaching methods using gadgets and online resources. The microlearning takes into account the clip mentality (clip culture in English) acting as a filter against being overloaded with too much information; the authors of the article want to find an optimal combination of tasks. How can the quality of activities be improved by increasing the flow of information? Will the profound technological transformation change the way teachers approach the way they teach? The absence of the «context» is characteristic of the clip...

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