N1-dansyl-spermine: a potent polyamine antagonist.

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Brain Research, 1011(1), 69-73 (2004) .


The potential polyamine antagonist action of N1-dansyl-spermine (a potent NMDA antagonist) was assessed in two in vivo mouse models of polyamine action. Co-administration of N1-dansyl-spermine (2-10 microg, i.c.v.) with spermine (100 microg, i.c.v.) resulted in a dose-dependent antagonism of the spermine-induced CNS excitation (body tremor and fatal tonic convulsions). In addition, the same dose of N1-dansyl-spermine antagonised spermine's enhancement of NMDA-induced convulsions. These results suggest that N1-dansyl-spermine is in vivo a potent antagonist of the CNS effects of spermine and of its action at the positive polyamine modulatory site on the NMDA receptor.

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