The studies regarding elaboration and selectivity of nitrite selective electrode

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Revista de Chimie (Bucharest Chemistry Library Press, Romania), 58(2), 186-190 (2007) .


The purpose of this study was the elaboration and characterization of the nitrite-selective electrode. A PVC
membrane electrode based on the Co (III)- porphrinato chloride (CoTPPCl) is described. The electrode
revealed a Nernstian response over a wide ion concentration range 10-5- 10-1M. The best performance was
obtained with a membrane composition of 2:1 o-NPOE: PVC and 10% mol (TOMACl) towards ionophore
and a solid electrical contact. The electrode exhibits a good selectivity over a variety of inorganic and organic
anions such as: fluoride, bromide, iodide, nitrate, thiocyanate, salicylate and perchlorate.

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