Easily assess the research performed in your institution
with our efficient peer review process

Stop relying exclusively
on bibliometric indicators

Using journal-level indicators, such as a journal’s impact factor, when assessing individual articles, produces an imprecise estimate of that article’s quality. In such a scenario, the article is lumped in with hundreds or thousands of other articles in the same journal, whose quality may vary widely. In humanities, publications receive too few citations to be appropriately analyzed using bibliometrics. Conference proceedings and books often lack the citation data necessary to be analyzed in this way. Furthermore, typical bibliometric indicators are not field-normalized and thus cannot be used to compare research in different fields or to assess multidisciplinary research.

Don't let limited time and expertise limit your analyses

When using a relatively small panel of reviewers to assess research within an institution, it is unlikely that all of the publications in need of assessment will fall within the reviewers’ core areas of expertise, or that the reviewers will have the time to read in depth all of these publications. In instances where reviewers are not able to assess the actual content of a publication, they are typically forced to rely on bibliometric indicators or other imprecise measures, like a journal’s reputation. This is a decidedly less rigorous and dependable process than true peer review.

Easily choose from
a vast network of reviewers

Epistemio has developed intelligent algorithms that crunch “big data” about citation networks in order to suggest the most suitable reviewers. The suggested reviewers will be experts in the core field of the publications under assessment, and they may even have already read the publications as part of their own line of work. Thus, the effort spent reviewing the publications is minimized, and the reviewers will be able to quickly provide relevant ratings and reviews.

Automate processes using
Epistemio’s review platform

Our platform automates tedious manual tasks such as sending reminder emails to reviewers or aggregating statistics about the review process.

How does it work?

Selecting publications

The assessed scientists or units provide a sample of their best publications;

Selecting reviewers

Epistemio’s intelligent algorithms suggest the most suitable editors or reviewers. Final reviewers may then be selected from this refined pool or manually added;


Reviewers assess publications and provide ratings and reviews for each publication;

Analyzing results

The ratings enable comparing the research performance of individuals, laboratories, departments, etc. within the assessed organization.

Get a custom solution for your research assessment

The processes can be customized according to your organization's needs.
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