Scurtă analiză asupra fenomenului „intelectualii închisorilor”

(2016, April) .


The present research represents an analysis of a new phenomenon in Romania: the "prison intellectuals”. A lot of prisoners, imprisoned for various motives, get to write books of "scientific” nature. It all started with the 254/2013 law that states that for each scientific research book published, 30 days are considered to be executed, which means the shortening of the time spent in prison. It appears that this law is being abused of as much as possible. Most of these prisoners only have a common knowledge level of understanding reality and aren't well read. Thus, overnight, they become scientists. Transforming from an ignorant to an intellectual doesn't come overnight and isn't even possible without proper training. Writing scientific books takes a lot of time. They must have a character of novelty, they shouldn't be plagiarized, they must bring even slight improvements to the field of knowledge or discipline that they refer to etc. The present research doesn't want to be exhaustive, but wishes to be a short sociological analysis regarding this situation. The subject is topical and shows interest for everyone

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