Evaluation of Inhaler Use Techniques among Asthmatic Patients in King Faisal Medical Complex, Taif, Saudi Arabia.

Egyptian Journal of Hospital Medicine, 71(1), 2387-2393 (2018) .


Background: bronchial asthma is a prevalent health problem globally. Inhaled route is commonly used over other routes to manage asthmatic patients. Despite the efficacy of inhalers, the poor inhaler technique used by asthmatic patients leads to decrease drug delivery to lungs and poor asthma control. Objective: the main objective of this study was to evaluate the proper use of inhaler devices by asthmatic patients according to the standard recommended steps and to identify the factors related to the inaccurate or poor inhaler use among asthmatic patients at King Faisal Hospital in Taif, Saudi Arabia. Methods and Materials: this was a crosssectional observational study conducted among Saudi asthmatic patients using inhaler devices and visiting outpatient’s respiratory clinic. Patients were asked to use their inhaler devices and their inhaler technique and using a validated checklist. MDI, TurboHaler and Handihaler were the most commonly used whether alone or in combinations. Results: around 74% and 92% responded to receive any education for asthma and asthma devices respectively. Of those who received any education, mostly reported that they received education about asthma and/or devices from their physicians. Breathing out, breath holding pattern and position of head during inhaling condition were three critical steps that led to improper use. Conclusion recommendation: inhalation technique in asthma patients was unsatisfactory and was accompanied with errors, especially in patients with low education levels. This study suggested prioritizing and establishing the proper practice of inhaling devices to better manage asthmatic patients and quality of life.

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