Analysis of architectures for audio-video services distribution in hybrid IPTV/DVB-C networks


Automation, Quality and Testing, Robotics, 2014 IEEE International Conference on (2014) .


The paper presents an practical analysis of combined DVB-C and IPTV implementation in an unique architecture. The advantages of each simple architecture are examined and the basic principles of unification are examined. Both aspects, client side and server side, are included in the analysis, and an implementation scenario with an evaluation of final costs for provider and client are established. In parallel, we are presenting an enhanced architecture to teach and implement some practical scenarios. This architecture is used to teach and experiment the basic concepts of DVB-C and IPTV streaming. It is possible also to estimate some crucial elements like QoS and QoE in different scenarios of distribution. The conclusion of the research is that it is possible to implement hybrid distribution (IPTV and DVB-C) gradually and with minimal costs, sharing the infrastructure. In the same time a hybrid architecture can offer immediately additional services like Internet access.

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