Investor’s Bhhavior in Pakistan Mercantile Exchange(PMEX)

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Science International, 26(3), 1371-1377 (2014) .


This study is conducted to study the investor’s behavior in Pakistan Mercantile Exchange. Primary data was collected from a sample of 224 investors of PMEX through a structuredquestionnaire. Cronbach’s Alpha value confirmed reliability ofthe questionnaire (Cronbach’s Alpha=0.8). Descriptive analysis was performed for data screening and distribution assessment of the study variables.Major components that explained the behavior of investors in PMEX were identified through Exploratory Factor Analysis. Group differences were tested through t-Tests and ANOVA based on profile of investors and their behavior in Pakistan Mercantile Exchange. The major components that explained 70.865% of the total variance in investor behavior in PMEX were: ‘overconfident behavior’, ‘herd behavior’, ‘price anchoring behavior’, ‘representativeness bias’, ‘loss averse behavior’, ‘panic attitude’ and ‘risk tolerance’. No significant relationship was found between different elements of investor’s profile and their behavior in PMEX

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