Graphical structure of attraction basins of hidden attractors: the Rabinovich-Fabrikant system

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International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 29(1), 1930001 (2019) .


For systems with hidden attractors and unstable equilibria, the property that hidden attractorsare not connected with unstable equilibria is now accepted as one of their main characteristics.To the best of our knowledge this property has not been explored using realtime interactivethree-dimensions graphics. Aided by advanced computer graphic analysis, in this paper, we ex-plore this characteristic of a particular nonlinear system with very rich and unusual dynamics,the Rabinovich-Fabrikant system. It is shown that there exists a neighborhood of one of the un-stable equilibria within which the initial conditions do not lead to the considered hidden chaoticattractor, but to one of the stable equilibria or are divergent. The trajectories starting from anyneighborhood of the other unstable equlibria are attracted either by the stable equilibria, or aredivergent.

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