Cross-Disciplinary Approach for the Risk Assessment Ontology Design


Information Resources Management Journal, 26(1), 37–53 (2013) .


The article describes a cross-disciplinary approach to support the risk assessment process through an integrative tool based on a global ontology. The designed global ontology allows the risk identification and characterization, the related potential work accidents and/or diseases, and decides better for appropriate preventive/corrective measures (the risk assessment logical chain). The global ontology structure follow a matrix model with two dimensions: one related to the work system structure/components and the other related to the risk assessment logical chain. For the integrative tools, solutions there have been developed a risk assessment process modeling with the purpose of better explain and understand the relations in the risk assessment logical chain. In addition, a concept model was developed and implemented for the global ontology complete definition. Finally, an expert system and a web platform are presented as integrative tools for the risk assessment.

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