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13th SGEM GeoConference on Informatics, Geoinformatics And Remote Sensing. STEF92 Technology (2013) .

STEF92 Technology


The paper examines the industrial landscape evolution of Bistrița subcarpathian Valley, focusing on the causes, and especially on the consequences of those rapid changes over the territory. The area under study has favorable conditions for the development of the industrial sector, being an area of old housing and having access to natural and human resources needed for this type of activity. The methodology was achieved through the spatial and temporal analysis of cartographic documents from different suggestive periods, carefully selection of the bibliographical materials, and through a detailed field study for validating the results of the laboratory and providing new information. To better illustrate the industrial landscape dynamics reflected in Bistrița subcarpathian Valley we used GIS techniques as the main tool in completing the work, resulting two cartographic materials that capture the state before and after the fall of the communist regime (1989), which affected the whole Romanian industry. The maps are supported by edifying images of the concerned periods. The results noted an accelerated process of transforming the industrial landscape within the analyzed territory, a critical moment being 1989, which marks the transition from planned to market economy, resulting a complex process of industrial restructuring. The study identifies certain models of conversion of former industrial sites and finally aims to provide viable solutions for reinsertion in the economic circuit.

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