Elecktrofiziologicheskiĭ analiz septo-amigdaliarnogo vzaimodeĭstviia na urovne dorzomedial'nogo iadra talamusa krysy


Zhurnal vyssheĭ nervnoĭ deiatelnosti imeni I P Pavlova, 38(6), 1085–92 (1988) .


The characteristics were studied of focal potentials and impulse activity of 102 neurones of the thalamus dorsomedial nucleus (DMN) of anaesthetized rats under stimulation of the anterior periamygdalar cortex (APC) and septal lateral nucleus (SLN). The dominating type of impulse responses to APC and SLN stimulation recorded correspondingly in 31.4 and 12.8% of cells was expressed in a short latency (10-30 ms) phasic activation. It has been found that the convergence of these inputs, revealed in 9.8% of cells, is unidirected according to the genotype of the reaction. Neuronal complexes of DMN, organizing the responses to the stimulation of APC and SLN are characterized by a weak interaction testifying to a definite functional differentiation of the amygdalar and septal components of the lymbic-thalamic projection system.

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