Research outcomes management made easy
Epistemio Outcomes helps research groups and institutions to gain time and efficiency
by streamlining the management and reporting of their lists of publications
Research outcomes
management system
Showcase publication lists
Prepare reports
Aggregate publications
Effortlessly build lists of publications with smart search and wizards designed to simplify the identification and collection of your papers.
Showcase outcomes
With just a few clicks, showcase automatically updated lists of publications on your website.
Prepare reports
Export the lists of publications for including them in reports.
No software to install. Up and running in as little as 24 hours.
Why choose Epistemio Outcomes?
Epistemio Outcomes is designed to offer quick, simple tools
to help administrators accomplish the often complex, time-consuming task of
managing the lists of publications authored by their scientists.

Less time spent
on administrative tasks
Epistemio Outcomes' powerful, intuitive platform enables faster and easier management of the administrative tasks regarding publications lists. Get everything done on time, in less time.

Effortless management
& showcasing
Epistemio Outcomes simplifies the frustrating administration and reporting processes. Focus on what really matters: the complete view of your scientific results.

Easy implementation Get everything up and running smoothly, in as little as 24 hours. Our cloud-based services do not need any maintenance or IT infrastructure on your side.

How it works

Define the organizational structure of your institution and add other administrators, if necessary;


Invite scientists in your institution to confirm their lists of publications on Epistemio;


Scientists log in to Epistemio and confirm the publications found by our intelligent search. We have more than 56 million publications in our database, so in most cases scientists have just to click to confirm their publications, with no tedious typing involved. Administrators may also add or edit publications, if the scientists are too busy to do it themselves;


Publications are automatically aggregated upwards in the organizational hierarchy, with automated deduplication;


The aggregated lists of publications, for all units within the institution, are available for being embedded on the web pages of those units (code must be added on web pages just once, and thereafter the embedding will ensure that the lists stay up-to-date as scientists add new publications). The lists can also be exported at anytime, e.g. for including them in annual reports.

Get the job done... in as little as one day
No complex solutions, no 6-month implementation process.
We get our job done so you can do yours.
Quick start
Open an account for your institution in as little as 5 minutes.
30-minutes setup
Define the organizational structure of your institution and add other administrators, if necessary.
Enroll colleagues
Invite your fellow scientists onboard.
Then, keep things moving with our enrollment dashboard and follow up as needed.
Relax & monitor progress
Almost done! The only thing left for you to do now is to keep an eye on the activity until everyone completes the task.
We keep it simple
Free for up to 5 scientists;
$1.99/scientist monthly or $19.99/scientist yearly, for 6 to 100 scientists.
Would you like to use Epistemio Outcomes for institutions with more than 100 scientists?
Contact us, and we will get back to you to talk about discounts, extra features, or alternative payment options.